Michael Wanguhu – Oakland, California

Michael Wanguhu earned critical acclaim with a much needed documentary about the rise of hiphop in Kenya. Hip Hop Colony went on to win several documentary and film awards and has been instrumental in attracting much needed attention to the rise of hip-hop in Africa in general and Kenya in particular. In New York, the screening of the movie drew the attention of QDIII, Quincy Jones son, a producer in his own right, who helped him secure his first distribution with Image Entertainment. It’s the first African title that they stocked.

The movie has also helped launch some rappers into the limelight — Necessary Noize got on the film Constant Gardener, Bamboo on Primeval and, most recently, Kalamashaka’s song, Ni Wakati, was recently picked for a film. In 2007 he went to Kenya with M1 of Dead Prez, Umi of POW and they wowed the crowds with their performance. In his interview on Jamati Online, he talks about future plans to produce a new movie. We can’t wait to see what it is. You can see more about Hiphop Colony here. He is also an owner of the media entertainment group, Emerge Media Group. He was recently interviewed on Jamati Online.

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