Elias Mageto, Clinton, Maryland

Elias Mageto

Mr. Elias Motaroki Mageto is founder, chairman and managing director of Diaspora Interactive Media Corp. (DIM Corp.) – an online, print, audio, television and mobile content producer for African and African Diaspora audiences in the Washington, DC area. Prior to officially launching DIM Corp., Mr. Mageto served as the participant affairs program manager at the Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies, a U.S. Department of Defense agency, where he was responsible for hosting military officers and senior civil servants from Middle Eastern and South Asian countries.

Before that, he served in multiple roles over a three-year period at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. The Foundation supports more than 43 African American members of Congress and focuses on leadership education, public health and economic development. While at the Foundation, Mr. Mageto played a significant role in successfully implementing key sections of the organization’s five-year strategic plan. In addition to staffing high-level congressional and celebrity events, he helped launch the African Globalism initiative, and Policy Perspectives, the official e-mail newsletter of the Center for Policy Analysis and Research (CPAR) – the Foundation’s think tank.

Other positions held by Mr. Mageto include administrative positions at the World Bank in Washington, and as contract specialist with the MONY Group.

Mr. Mageto holds a B.A. in business economics from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. He is the creator of several online Pan African brands, including jamati.com, africabusinesswire.com, africanscholar.com and soon to be launched brands such as africanavenue.com and careerhippo.com. Mr. Mageto is also founder of the African Scholar Foundation to be launched in 2009, whose mission is to provide financial and capacity building assistance to African students and educational institutions.

4 thoughts on “Elias Mageto, Clinton, Maryland

  1. Hi Elias, and congrads for your insigthful though of Africa, it feels good to see people like you who are really championing for support of Africa. Man keep the spirit up.You are wonderful and serve thy people with your kind and hmility heart.

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