Jerry Okoko, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Jerry Okoko is making a difference for minority and women-owned businesses in the Pittsburgh area.  Appointed by the Pittsburgh Housing Authority in August of 2003, he was charged with the huge task of increasing the hiring of minority- and women-owned contractors.  He also promotes the Housing Authority’s programs for disadvantaged business enterprises in order to encourage more minority- and women-owned businesses to bid on contracts.   Prior to joing the Housing Authority, he worked as a  director of consulting for Exico Inc., where he was the project manager for MBE/WBE programs on local projects including construction of Heinz Field, the Oak Hill Hope VI redevelopment project, and the renovation of the Allegheny County Jail.Mr. Okoko is a graduate of Howard University and Carnegie Mellon University, where he earned a master’s degree in public policy and finance.

Source: Pittsburgh Business Times 

2 thoughts on “Jerry Okoko, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  1. it will be good working with you on issues of development as your record stands are worth being emulated,



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