MIRIAM CHEMOSS, New York, New York

Miriam Chemoss

Miriam Chemmoss was born to a Scottish-Middle-Eastern-Tanzanian mother and an Elgon Maasai/Sabaot father from Kenya. She spent her formative years between Tanzania and Kenya where she received classical training in music, performing at solo and choral competitions even as she was steeped in a potent brew of East-African, Middle-Eastern, and European cultures. In 2004, Miriam moved to New York City where she would develop her performance skills as a member of “the Marvalletes Revue” under the direction of original Marvallete Pam Darden in a revival of the famous Motown girl group. A year later, she joined the legendary “Soukous Stars” band; experts at Congolese Rhumba (Zaiko) (And winners of the 2004 International Reggae and World Music Awards), carving out a role among the male veterans as the sole female voice on both harmony and lead vocals. In 2005, she teamed up with US-based Ugandan producer Gasuza, http://www.gasuzamedia.com for “Love in Reverse” a genre-melding album that effortlessly blends global urban and folk influences from Reggae to Soukous and Taarab on bedrock of Rhythm & Blues and Hip-Hop. The single, “Love in Reverse”, was released December 2005 on Gasuza Media and is available on ITunes. Put together by a string of top-notch collaborators from artists across the Americas, Africa and the Caribbean, LIR (Love In Reverse) is a music lovers delight, delivered with feeling in a perfectly combined wealth of languages including English, French, Swahili, Lingala, Patois, Luo and Luganda. As a performer, Miriam brings an eccentric and sultry stage presence. Her self-expression as well as her rich cultural background is a breath of fresh air much needed in the evolving urban world music industry today! She was recently made the top ten sexiest African women on Jamati Online and has a myspace page with the latest updates on her tours.  you can also visit her web page.

8 thoughts on “MIRIAM CHEMOSS, New York, New York

  1. Hey,
    Love your music. looking to get that CD…How do I get it? Keep showcasing your talents. Hope to catch you live some place. God Bless.

  2. Lovely video cuzo keep it up gal and know dat i only wish you the best and God’s blessings in everything.

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