Calestous Juma, Cambridge, Massachussetts

Calestous Juma is a Harvard Professor of the Practice of International Development and Director of the Science, Technology, and Globalization Project. He is a former Executive Secretary of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity and Founding Director of the African Centre for Technology Studies in Nairobi, and he also served as Chancellor of the University of Guyana. He is among 44 scientists who have been elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society, the UK National Academy of Science. He has also been elected to other scientific academies including the US National Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World. He has won several international awards for his work on sustainable development. He holds a PhD in science and technology policy studies and has written widely on science, technology, and environment. He teaches courses in developmental policy as part of the MPA/ID Program. He is lead author of Innovation: Applying Knowledge in Development. He is editor of the International Journal of Technology and Globalisation and International Journal of Biotechnology.  

Wikipedia has more details about his accomplishments.

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