Sidney Sladen Alusa, Chennai, India

Sidney Sladen is one of the most popular fashion designers in India today.  Born to a Kenyan father, Peter Alusa, and a Goan mother, Merle Sladen, he spent the first part of his life in Kenya and migrated to India for the latter part. 
Sidney Sladen
It was there that his passion for design was realized.  With an initial start in clothing designs for the pageants, Sidney has gone on to design for movies and their stars
He advises new entrepreneurs to invest slowly into their business and reinvest as it grows.  Within 5 years, he has managed to open two stores, one in Malaysia, and the other in Hyderabad. 
Kenyan Jewels will continue to watch this rising star to see what else he will achieve.

3 thoughts on “Sidney Sladen Alusa, Chennai, India

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  2. I am grateful to know that Sidney Sladen is a great fashion star and i congratulate him and appreciate what he is doing. I would like to ask him to give his Mother Merle my email address coz she was one of my side maids in my wedding and she is a good friend of mine. We used to get in touch but now i request her son to tell her iam still working in the University of Nairobi she can email me anytime. Thank you for this site.

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