Brian Litu Mukulu, Chicago, Illinois

Litu was born in Kericho in the Rift Valley but grew up in Nairobi and has been drawing cartoons ever since he can remember. His interest in cartooning came about from his love of comic books such as Tintin and Asterix with his greatest influences including Paul Kelemba a.k.a Madd, Godfrey Mwampembwa a.k.a Gado and  James Khamawira a.k.a. Kham.
The Shikwekwes

He has been a cartoonist for both his  high school and university magazines and has had his  work appear in various print and internet media. His illustration work has been featured in children’s books for UNICEF. In 2002, he participated in an international cartoon exhibition on the theme of international terrorism. Staged in Nairobi, it was titled “Cartooning Terror” and attracted works from over 30 countries. It was early in the same year that the idea of “The Shikwekwes” was born.

The premise of the comic strip was to give a funny look at an African family as they struggle to cope with the demands of the 21 century. He is currently freelance as a cartoonist and illustrator and manages to create back -end solutions for websites on the side.

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