Ajuma Nasenyana, London, United Kingdom

Ajuma Nasenyana

Born to a mother who the first woman of her generation in the Turkana area to receive an education (she then went on to open and run the Women’s Centre in Lodwar), Ajuma could not help but be destined for great things. She won the 2002 World Junior Championship National Trials and was third in the World Championship National trials in Track. Ford Models took her under their wing and she went on to win the prestigous Ford Supermodels competition.

She was a judge in the Ford SuperModels, East Africa competition in October 2005. She is now with Models 1, a world-reknowned agency, and is doing well. Her credits include being the winner of the Best Model of Spanish Week; she has done 6 shows for graduate fashion week; modeled for a L’Oreal show; and done a MAC cosmetics presentation.  She is good friends with another Kenyan model, Antoinette Ataro. A sample of her portfolio can be found here. 

6 thoughts on “Ajuma Nasenyana, London, United Kingdom

  1. this picture is so fierce. she rocks and am glad she is making kenya proud because we don’t have that many kenyan models out there. keep it up girl!!

  2. mhh ajuma what c na i say she is a girl with a honest character not like naomi c ampell she accepts wwhat she is and she is down to e arth she shows a true kenyan womna who she is and what a b lack diamond she is

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