Ida Onyango, Van Nuys, California

Ida Onyango

Ida Onyango is based in California and has been seen on the soap opera, ‘Days of our Lives’. She is also a musician who has quite a following in California. Her most popular moves can only be termed, bootylicious. Born in Kenya, Ida has been in the US since she was 2 years old, a situation that has gotten her accent an unfair amount of criticism. She is unrelentless in her pursuit of that next great performance and has gone one to provide some of the best shows around the country and in Kenya. She has also been in ‘Tears in the Sun‘, a movie starring Bruce Willis, and has curtain raised for leading Kenyan artiste, Hardstone during his various performances. She has performed alongside Nameless, Mr. Lenny, Wahu and, recently, Gidigidi Majimaji, during their USA tours. Music runs in the family and her father is her producer. To learn more about her, visit her myspace page.

2 thoughts on “Ida Onyango, Van Nuys, California

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  2. I knew this girl when she was little,
    I am amazed at how she turned out , I am
    so proud of her. she is very talented so
    is her dad and mom.

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