Wilfred Saroni, Worcester, Massachussetts

Mr. Wilfred Saroni, a Kenyan living in the US State of Massachusetts, was been honoured with the Ronald Reagan Republican Gold Medal in 2006. The award was conferred upon him by senior members of the US Congress. Mr. Saroni’s established a pioneering nursing college that now trains over 1,200 students per year. The college, known as the Holden Health Career Training Centre, was started in 1997 as a staffing agency supplying temporary personnel for some of the many job openings at local US hospitals.

With the assistance of his wife, Sarah, he embarked on a mission to build one of the most promising nursing colleges in the US. The institution has a staff of 67 and operates on an annual budget of more than US $ 2 million (about Kenya Shillings 150,000,000).

In less than 10 years Mr. Saroni’s self discipline and determination has allowed him to found two different successful businesses: Holden Healthcare Staffing and Holden Health Career Training Centre. The nursing college has three campuses, with two located in the state of Massachusetts and one in the state of New Hampshire, known as Bay State and Granite State respectively. Mr. Saroni’s innovation has led him to planning an expansion of the college into having university status, offering degrees in diverse fields.

Mr. Saroni’s vision of succeeding in the land of opportunity, and leaving a mark in it, as well as in the rest of the world, saw him lay the foundation of his dream in 1998. The dream finally unfolded in 1999 with the healthcare staffing business venture. This took the Saronis through various risks, such as the possible rejection of their high cost investment; composed of a well structured rented building, necessary equipment, and employed staff by the board of education. As the college progressed, he was surprised that, “many of the Kenyans went to the competitors, and the Americans and immigrants came to our school”. He says that they probably, “doubted we would give them a legitimate certificate”. The Saronis’ efforts have seen many people, whose desire it is to earn a better living through learning, blessed.
Source: TakingITGlobal

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