Wanja Michuki, New York, New York

 Wanja Michuki

Wanja Michuki has managed to parlay Kenyan Tea into an educational and financial institution.  As the founder of The Highland Tea Company, she has used tea production to help provide a source of income and education for farmers in Kenya.  She sells the tea in upscale teahouses and speciality food stores and restaurants.  The company is a member of the Specialty Tea Institute (STI), a division of the Tea Association of the USA.  Her company has been featured in the Food and Wine Magazine, Fancy Food and Culinary Products, and the Fresh Cup Magazine.  She has also been interviewed by the Tea Room Guide and the Tea Association of the U.S.A.  She plans to start a corporate responsibilty program to help distribute school supplies and establish orphanages in Kenya.  The Highland Tea Company recently won third prize in the Global Social Venture Competition, a rigorous, worldwide MBA student business plan competition for social ventures — organizations that not only create profits, but also produce a social or environmental return on investment.  Congratulations Wanja, and keep moving in a positive direction.   Visit her website to purchase this great product or learn more about it.

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