Anna Mwalagho, Alexandria, Virginia

 Anna Mwalagho

Anna Mwalagho, was born and raised in Kenya and began performing when she was 8 years old. She is now a real renaissance woman – in addition to writing and performing poetry, she is also an internationally recognized award-winning Actor, Storyteller, Dancer, Singer/Song Writer, Radio Broadcaster, and a Director. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences (Economics) at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, and since her arrival in the USA, from her original country Kenya; she has performed for schools, co-operations, civic groups, organizations, festivals and colleges.Anna believes that the children are the leaders of tomorrow thus she uses the African folklore including African songs, dances and African history, to positively entertain, impact and empower the children to believe in themselves, and work hard in school to build a better tomorrow. Her theatrical spoken word poetry inspires, evokes thought and entertains as well as educate both the young and the old, She culminates her performances with a one woman show that electrifies, captivates, inspires and energizes the crowds as she blends her beautiful voice in song, dance, acting, poetry and storytelling to tell her story of life.

Anna has won the following awards;

*Best Actress in the International University Arts Achievements Awards, 1999 and 2000.

*Second Best Actress in the Kenya National Theatre Awards(Mbalamwezi Awards)1999 and 2000.

Since her arrival to the U.S.A, she has been featured and participated with various recognized groups and performed for various organizations as a sole performer. These include:

* World Bank U.S.A
* US Army Material Command HQ, Fort Meyer
* Congressional Black Caucus, Annual Legislative Conference
* United Nation Association
* One Campaign
* Baltimore Immigration Summit
* American Association of University Women
* African Women Cancer Awareness Conference
* Kenya Community Abroad Annual Event, Boston MA
* USAID/ Intra Health International
* Embassy of France (U.S.A)
* Embassy of Liberia (U.S.A)
* Embassy of Kenya (U.S.A)
* First Night Annapolis 2006
* Juneteenth Festival, Waldorf MD
* African American Heritage Festival
* Washington Performing Arts Society
* The Studio Theater, DC
* Balozi Productions, MD
* Ebeyana Theatre, VA
* Ishara Productions, Baltimore MD
* MHZ-International television channel
* Fairfax County cable television
* Voice of America Worlwide Radio Station
* Lifestyles television show in Southern Maryland
* WHUR 96.3 FM Joe’s Place
* 89.3 FM Africa Meets Africa
* Global Women of Baltimore
* The Chopteeth Band (Member)
* Empowered Women International (member)
* Soul In Motion Players (Member)
* Member of The Actor’s Center

Anna believes that theater and performing arts, entertain the people and also educate, teach, motivate and stimulate one’s mind. “I believe any form of performing arts offers a glimpse reflection on one’s life, I hope to positively impact the society through my contributions, to teach and learn from both the young and the old, and to make people laugh and cry at the same time in the name of performing arts”.Her Philosophy is “dance, sing, laugh and truly love this is the joy of life”.

Source: Anna Mwalagho 

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  2. Hi Hanna,
    I hope you remember me. I met you few years ago. I visted this website and found you.
    I began a church 2 Sundays ago in Fairfax . [4101 Pickett Rd. Fairfax VA 22032
    Karibu and worship with us from 10:00 – 1:00pm.

    Pastor Josiah Thuku Kambutu

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