Awori J. Hayanga, Superior Township, Michigan

 Awori J. Hayanga

Awori J. Hayanga is a surgeon training in the United States. Born and raised in Kenya, he left Africa to pursue a medical education. After graduating medical school in Europe, he moved to the United States to begin his surgical training at the Johns Hopkins Hospital before transferring to the University of Michigan for further surgical training. Acutely concerned by the relative isolation facing Kenyan surgery residents regarding access to and use of the evidence base, he is committed to an earnest attempt at bridging the technological and practice divide using the world’s most valuable resource – people. In this case, academic professionals from both sides who are willing to network and practice together, and in so doing, perpetuate the very essence of a global academic teaching institution without prejudice or restriction. Dr Hayanga’s concern for environmental issues finds an outlet as he remains an active member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Environmental Studies. In 2007, Dr Hayanga was awarded the prestigious Hopkins Sommer Scholarship by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health for a Masters in Public Health with a focus on Policy and Outcomes. He was also named the recipient of the 2007 Resident Leadership Award by the American College of Surgeons.

Dr. Hayanga has also been awarded the 2007 World Health Organization/ World Alliance for Patient Safety Scholarship and will continue his graduate training as a WHO Scholar.

Awori is also a blogmaster for AccessSurgery.

Source: RJW Foundation

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