Suzzanne Gitata, Atlanta, Georgia

Suzzanne Gitata

Suzzanne W. Gitata, a graduate of Nottingham University Law School (U.K.), co-founded RJW because, in her words, she was looking to “be a part of something that transcends [her] immediate universe.” The daughter of Kenya’s first female dentist, she has seen firsthand the impact an individual can have on a community. As a believer in the adage of teaching a man to fish, she was also part of a grassroots movement at the age of 15 called the Youth Network Center that involved peer to peer training about HIV prevention and AIDS through the auspices of Kenya Anti-Rape Organization. She brings to RJW a deep belief and clear vision of what the Foundation can accomplish. An enthusiastic board member, she lives in Atlanta with her family, where she practices financial planning as a private wealth manager.

She joined the board of Common Cause in 2007.

Source: RJW Foundation

One thought on “Suzzanne Gitata, Atlanta, Georgia

  1. I am so amazed, you are doing great things and changing live. Madame Roach would be so proud. Gladys Mucoki, Houston TX

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