Edi Mue Gathegi, California

Edi Gathegi in Crank

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A graduate of New York University’s acting program, Edi Gathegi is making a name for himself in movie circles. He has been featured in ‘House, M.D.’ and, from what I’ve seen, this brother is going to have a great career.

He has a recurring role as Cole in House and has been a guest star in Lincoln Heights as Boa. These are pretty heavyweight roles and he does a great job.

2007 Death Sentence (Bodie)
2007 Gone Baby Gone (Cheese)
2007 House: Season 04 (Cole)
2006 Crank

Recurring Role

Guest Star
The Right Stuff

Lincoln Heights
The F Word

Lincoln Heights

Lincoln Heights
Abduction (Click to watch)

Veronica Mars

I Know What You’ll Do Next Summer
Zeke Molinda

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