Barack Obama, Illinois

In Kenya you are from your father’s place, so we are watching Senator Obama with interest as he is a Kenyan from Alego in Western Kenya.Barack Obama and Family.

He has done a lot of impressive work on no-profile cases to help many underprivileged people and even inspired Raila Odinga to claim him as a cousin. Vice President Cheney is also his ‘distant cousin‘ making him a man connected to all kinds of political people by blood (wonder if that helps or hurts him?). BBC wanted to know if the US would vote for a Luo before Kenya did (read it here). It would be interesting.

There have been arguments that he isn’t really African-American because his father is an African and, therefore, he couldn’t possibly understand what African-Americans go through. Pure nonsense. If you grow up in the States, you will go through African-American issues. Nobody is interested in whether your father was an American or an African..most won’t even ask. He is articulate (almost presidential in his speeches), intelligent, focused, and has worked in the trenches (just look at his background).

There is so much to think about. You might also want to visit his website to learn more about him

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