Michael Giraudo, Iraq

Michael Giraurdo, Iraq War Veteran

Although we often profile self-made Kenyans who are blazing trails, we will take a different turn and highlight a Kenyan who donned the American uniform and is fighting in Iraq. Michael Giraudo was born and raised in Kenya. He carries a Kenyan flag, folded in his bag in the battlefield and if often called Kenya by his fellow soldiers. Born to an American father, he is proud of his Kenyan heritage and talks fondly of it. We salute you, Michael Giraudo, for allowing us to be proud of the Kenyan helping fight a war on terror.

Source: CNN

5 thoughts on “Michael Giraudo, Iraq

  1. Thanks for making Kenya proud. It would have been easier to keep quiet, be US oriented and no one would ever know that kenya has some jewels Worthy of pride and patriotism. You have just done the opposite by being proud of your country and making many others feel good too. Thanks a lot.

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