Dorothy Ghettuba, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dorothy Ghettuba, Canada

Dorothy is a Canadian Based Kenyan actor, singer and writer for film and television. As a musician she is part of the renown Pan-African a capella group Soul Influence. She has shared the stage with Alicia Keyes, Nelly Furtado, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Angelique Kidjo, The Barenaked Ladies and Oliver Mutukudzi.

Dorothy’s owns THiNK Productions, a company that specializes in the creation and development of concepts and material for film and television. These includes documentaries, short films, feature films, reality TV shows, talk shows, drama series’ and 3 or 4 part mini series’. She is currently writing a Canadian produced feature film to be shot in Africa in 2009. She has developed various television shows that are in the option stage including CrossRoads (a drama Series), 20th Law (a drama series) and My Brother My Keeper (a three-part mini series) amongst other things.

Dorothy was recently appointed as the Managing Director of Sterling Quality Canada (SQEC) a subsidiary of Sterling Quality Entertainment Kenya Limited. SQEC was created to foster both creative and business partnerships between Kenya and Canada, it provides a platform for the exchange of ideas giving Kenyan and Canadian performing artistes, directors, editors, writers and creative artists and opportunity to work and experience working in both countries creating a partnership where both parties can appreciate and learn from each other’s skill sets.

With Africa’s growing presence on the international entertainment scene, Sterling Quality Entertainment Canada wants to foster relationships that will yield first-class entertainment as enhancing the mutual respect and understanding between the two diverse worlds of entertainment – a requirement necessary in an increasingly international, multicultural, and globally interdependent world.

5 thoughts on “Dorothy Ghettuba, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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  2. hi dorothy i like what you do,am also in acting writting and music,well i have not been doing too well …can you help me reach the limelight..thank you

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