Moyez Gulamhussein Vassanji, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

 M. G. Vassanji, Assasin’s Song

Moyez Gulamhussein Vassanji was born in Nairobi, Kenya and raised in Tanzania. He won a scholarship to MIT while studying at the University of Nairobi and went on to specialize in theoretical nuclear physics. From 1978-1980 he was a postdoctoral fellow at the Atomic Energy of Canada, and from 1980 to 1989 he was a research associate at the University of Toronto. In 1981, Vassanji and his wife, Nurjehan Aziz, founded the Toronto South Asian Review, later renamed The Toronto Review of Contemporary Writing Abroad. He published his first novel, The Gunny Sack, in 1989 and hasn’t stopped writing since. His other novels include The Assassin’s Song, and his awards include the Giller Prize, twice; the Harbourfront Festival Prize; the Commonwealth First Book Prize (Africa); Bressani Prize. Order of Canada.

To learn more about his articles and him, visit his website.

One thought on “Moyez Gulamhussein Vassanji, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  1. Dear sirs
    I m a PHD student in English Literature in India and from Middle
    east(Yemen) . I want to study the works of the great writer Moyez Gulamhussein Vassanji.Can u please send me his e mail and how can i be in touch with him because i need his help
    Thank you
    yours sincerly
    Ibrahim Alwarafi

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