Ory Okolloh, South Africa

Ory Okolloh, Kenyan Pundit

Ory Okolloh is one of the most recognized names in the blogger front. A Harvard law graduate, she now works as a consultant on telecommunications and citizen journalism in Africa. She is often spotted at different media and blogger conventions and conferences as a featured speaker whose opinions are held in high regard. During the post-election violence in Kenya, she worked tirelessly with several other bloggers to keep Kenyans in the diaspora up to date with the events that were occurring around the country, as they unfolded.

Her blog, Kenyan Pundit, was one of the most read blogs during that time. She is the co-founder of Kenya’s Parliament watch website – Mzalendo. She is also co-founder of Ushahidi that enabled Kenyans in Kenya to send sms reports and upload pictures about what was going on in their neighborhoods. She recently contributed to the upcoming book Worldchanging: A User’s Guide for the 21st Century and blogs on the Poptech Blog.

A salute to one of the pioneers in citizen journalism that is sweeping the world.

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