Jean Adero, Atlanta, Georgia

Jean Adero

Jean Adero is an entrepreneur with lofty ambitions that she has translated into action. As the current Chairperson, and founding member of the Association of Kenyan Professionals in Atlanta (AKPA) she has also started her own companies to help promote entrepreneurship for women, and satisfy her own entrepreneurial spirit. projectInspire is a venture to help promote entrepreneurship among women by inspiring them to turn ideas into business. n 1996, Jean was a participant of the Host Broadcast Training Program (HBTP); a program designed to train students to work for the Atlanta Olympic Broadcast, which was responsible for broadcasting the Atlanta Olympic games to the rest of the world. In her capacity as a Liaison Officer, she provided technical broadcast assistance to commentators from all parts of the world.

Jean’s Public Relations background enabled her to land professional positions in the Advertising Industry at BBDO South and J. Walter Thompson’s Specialized Communications Division – two of the top advertising agencies in the world. At BBDO, Jean worked on the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Campaign Team, where she was involved in buying and scheduling advertisements for print production. This role led to J. Walter Thompson, where she perfected her skills in recruitment advertising, employment communications, media planning, branding, strategic planning and communications planning. An employee of MCI, Jean is now involved in Fulfillment Operations, where she manages the operations of the vendors who produce Calling Cards for business markets within the United States, Europe, Latin America and Africa.

A strong believer that only excellence can allow one to realize their full potential, Jean is determined to be the controller of her destiny and will do whatever possible to spread the word that everyone must be the controller of their destiny.

Source: AKPA

4 thoughts on “Jean Adero, Atlanta, Georgia

  1. Hi Jeanie!!! Remember Me??? Hope all is well. 🙂 Shoot me a email and let me know how everything is going.

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