The Apprentice Africa

Well, there are several Kenyans on The Apprentice Africa and one has bitten the dust. Anthony Migui was unfortunate enough to get fired for being an ineffective project manager. Fortunately the rest are still in the running.

Anthony Migui

Eddie Mbugua – A renaissance man with a penchant for business and a great sense of humor.

Edward Ngugi Mbugua

Joyce Mbaya – Proudly Kenyan and well educated, she wears her heart on her sleeve.

Joyce Mbaya

Follow the updates at Jamati, and visit the website for more information.

3 thoughts on “The Apprentice Africa

  1. Blessing has shown that she is a great leader.i respect her because she is very honest and intelligent.i don’t believe there are preferences.Eunice.too is a strong lady.she is a strong fighter in business.i think Blessing has got it all because she has humility,honesty,intelligence and she is strong.Nnamdi was too arrogant believing he knew it all.

  2. I am not delighted at the way Nnamdi was fired I think it should have been Eunice(The project Manager). It is like their is preference for Eunice and Blessing. thank you.

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