Wawi Amasha, Santa Monica, California

Wawi Amasha, Santa Monica, California

Wawi Amasha is a very talented artist who is showcasing Kenya through her art. She places a giraffe in almost every picture in honor of her grandfather, Ndwiga ( meaning ‘giraffe’).  She uses art to define who we are, and to inspire people.

Wawi’s depiction of an African Woman Wawi’s art of woman cooking

The art shows different perspectives of Kenyan life and are vibrant and full of color, highlighting the best that is in our culture. She is beginning to draw a lot of attention and, with her tremendous skills, I am sure that she will be a hit. To learn more about her, visit her website.

4 thoughts on “Wawi Amasha, Santa Monica, California

  1. Im just amazed with the great talent of WAWI. She was a classmate in primary school, from all that i can remember, she was very creative and entertaining, i always visit her website to see her new recipes, am imppressed with her creativity.
    She is our pride over there, well respected and honored for her courage. She is a patriot!!
    Cograts WAWI!!

    jackie wanjira kiura sr. (don bosco)
    Rwika, embu – kenya

  2. Thank you to all of you that support my work and to the person who started this site and published my talent. I really am grateful and I am here to represent Kenya and Africa from what I know and have experienced. This is our time to shine, so let’s do it…

    I will be having several Art and Fashion Shows throughout L.A and O.C in the coming months. Please go to my website for more details and pass on the word. Thank you to all of those Kenyans that came to support me on the last show on April 5th. It was off the HOOK, and many thanks to the African models. This is going to get better and bigger and I am glad we are in it together.

    Love and Peace

    Miss Wawi, Santa Monica, CA
    Via Rwika Village, Embu-Kenya

  3. wow i love the colours and the fact that she honors her grandfather everytime..its beautiful 🙂 thank you.

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