Henry Rono, Alburquerque, New Mexico

Henry Rono then

Henry Rono is the stuff that legend is made of. I remember watching trackand field as a child just to see him win with his trademark gap between his teeth.  It was worth the 2 hours of endless running we had to watch. I was always proud to be a Kenyan as the flag was hoisted high and the national anthem played.
Henry Rono now

I always wondered what happened to him and then I found out that he had a bout of homelessness in Washington DC but went on to fight alcoholism and is now teaching high-schoolers and adults how to be great runners in New Mexico. I think it is tremendous that he has determined to put himself on a positive path. He wrote a book in 2007 entitled “Olympic Dream” which tells about his life.

Learn more about Henry Rono at his site.

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