Marianne Alapini, Kensington, United Kingdom

Marianne Alapini

Highly committed politician, serving as Councillor in Royal Borough Kensington and Chelsea: Key responsibilities for OSC Community Partnerships and Economic Development, Health, Families and Children. Sits on Equal Opportunities, Investment, and Planning Services & Licensing Committees. School Governor to Primary Schools and a Beacon 6th Form College and several CVS committees. Active on Police Consultative Working Group and proactive Mediator during the Notting Hill Gate Carnival, which takes place in the Colville Ward she represents.

She is a highly experienced and successful fund-raiser, writes complex and integrated Bids in excess of £35 Million that involve diverse stakeholders and beneficiary groups. She supports their successful implementation by undertaking Baseline Studies at the start of the programme delivery, developing Contract Management, Monitoring and Evaluation Framework contributing to effective project delivery and genuine partnership between the community served, beneficiaries of the funding application, lead organisation and delivery partners.

She has a wide-ranging experience of capacity building and providing technical assistance and infrastructure development by developing robust, viable and sustainable Business and Forward Plans. Complementing these with Baseline Studies developed via inclusive, genuine and action focused Community / Partnership Consultation, involving the ‘hardest to reach/hear’ and vulnerable groups.

She has also represented on strategic working groups at Government Office for London (GOL) ESF 2000/6 Working Group) and Department for Employment and Skills (contributing to the development of Equal Opportunities and Soft Skills Indicators Toolkit for ESF programmes). Approved Scorer of ESF Bids for GOL and Learning & Skills Council’s.

Other contributions include:

  • 2nd year Winner of “I’m a Cllr Get Me Out of Here!” in October 2006 and 2005, reaping 86% of the votes. (Energising young people to take an interest in politics during National Democracy week).
  • Finalist at European Federation of Black Women Business Owners (Ethnic Organisation category), 2004.
  • Awarded the Runners up prize by Prime Minister Tony Blair, MP – under the ‘Sustainability Category’ – (establishment of viable food co-op social enterprise) for the prestigious Health Service Journal Awards, in November 2002. Report and Case Study “Emerging Trends and Key Lessons to Learn from London and Luton Health Action Zones”, presented to the Department of Health and health care professionals.
  • Contributed substantially to “From the Margins to the Mainstream” Report, published by London Development Partnership as a prelude to the establishment of the London Development Agency (LDA).
  • Working towards PhD: “Evaluating the consequences of the NHS restructuring into the Primary Care Trusts and the effect on career progression and ‘glass ceiling’ levels for women, black and minority ethnic people and disabled people”.

Source:  Kenya Diaspora Investment Forum

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