Ken Ring, Hasselby Gard, Stockholm, Sweden

Ken Ring

Ken ring is a Kenyan rap artist that lives in Hasselby Gard, Stockholm. He has collaborated with some big names like Tommy Tee, Proof, and Swift. He has a huge following in Sweden and is pretty good. He raps in Swedish but with music as a universal language, it isn’t hard to see why he is so popular.

Ken Ring Cover

  • Vägen Tillbaka 1999
  • Mitt Hem Blir Ditt Hem 2000
  • Mellanspelet 2002
  • Det Bortglömda 2003
  • Inblicken 2003
  • 2 Legender Utan Penger 2004
  • Kennelklubben 2004
  • RubriKEN 2005
  • Äntligen Hemma 2007

5 thoughts on “Ken Ring, Hasselby Gard, Stockholm, Sweden

  1. sup ken ring,
    finally we connekt bro..been tryna link up witchu for an underground hiphop activist base in nairobi cum mc..recently interviewed kalamashaka some two,three weeks ago..i understand u were behind th studio at k-south..thts dope. i got a webcast streamin nothin but 100% raw hiphop from kenya ..reppin for the talents from the ghettos and i also understand u workin on k-shakas album like to have the track thy did with saigon.also the one with sean p..if its possible bro lemmie kno..hit me up the link to the webcast http://www.rhymefm,

    word, MC SHENZY aka rhyme fm

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  3. It is also worthy to note that he produced and directed both the track and video for Kalamashaka’s 2001 release ‘Fanya Mambo’.

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