Ali Velshi, New York, New York

Ali Velshi

Ali Velshi is CNN’s senior business correspondent and host of Your $$$$$, CNN’s weekend business roundtable program. Velshi’s “Minding Your Business” segment can be seen each morning on American Morning on CNN/U.S. Online users can listen to two weekly audio podcasts – “The Ali V Podcast” and “Minding Your Business” – and one weekly video podcast – “Show and Tell” – about technology and innovative gadgets.

Based in New York, Velshi covered the Enron story at every step since it hit the national spotlight in 2001, including the recent guilty verdicts of Enron Corp.’s founder Kenneth Lay and former chief executive Jeffrey Skilling on conspiracy and fraud charges. He reported live from Ford headquarters in Dearborn, Mich., as the company announced the layoff of 30,000 workers. He was reporting live from an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico amid evacuation calls for Hurricane Katrina.

A veteran of financial news, Velshi recently hosted The Turnaround, CNN’s small business improvement show. The Turnaround traveled across America, introducing troubled small business owners to high-profile mentors and then helped them develop a plan for success.

Before The Turnaround, Velshi was an anchor with CNNfn, where he hosted various interactive shows, including Your Money, Business Unusual, Insights, Street Sweep and The Money Gang. Before joining CNNfn in 2001, he hosted The Business News, Canada’s first and only prime-time business news hour, airing nightly on Report on Business Television.

Earlier in his career, Velshi worked as a business anchor for Cable Pulse 24 and sister station, CITY TV, and as a reporter for CFTO-TV, Canada’s most watched local television station.

In 1996, Velshi was awarded a fellowship to the U.S. Congress by the American Political Sciences Association, and worked with now-retired U.S. Rep. Lee Hamilton, (D-Ind.)

Born in Kenya and raised in Toronto, Velshi graduated from Queens University in Canada with a degree in religion. Velshi is currently writing a book, It’s Never Too Late To Start: Practical Lessons for Creating Wealth from Middle Age Onward, due for publication later this year.

Source: CNN

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  1. Off subject a little—–Does anyone else agree with me when I say Ali Velshi is hot? He sort of reminds me of Vin Diesel sometimes when I watch his weekend program. Anyone know if he has a girlfriend?

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