Veena Sood, Canada

Veena Sood is a Canadian-based film and television actress. Born in Nairobi, Kenya she emigrated to Canada with her family.

Veena is a Canadian actress of Punjabi descent. She works in both the U.K. and Canada, and has starred in ITV’s The Changeling featuring Ray Winstone and Parminder Nagra. She’s also starred in the UK film Nina’s Heavenly Delights, as well as the Canada/UK film, Touch of Pink, which received a standing ovation at the Sundance Film Festival.

Veena Sood in costume

Veena co-founded Calgary’s Loose Moose Theatre Company best known for their comedy Improvisation work. Veena also performs one-woman improvised shows at Canadian and U.K. comedy festivals with her character “The Maharani”. She has been seen on television in recurring roles in the series Robson Arms, Little Mosque on the Prairie, and Godiva’s, as well as in the feature films Connie and Carla, Two for the Money, Posession, and Helen.

She is related to Ashwin Sood, Sarah McLachlan’s drummer and husband, and Manoj Sood who plays Baber on CBC’s Little Mosque on the Prairie. Read more about her latest movies on her website.

2 thoughts on “Veena Sood, Canada

  1. Hi Veena
    You may remember me from Calgary…North Haven…
    Sooo happy you have done sooo well..
    I do look for your films you are in…love them..
    Love to say Hi to you one day….I know you must be very busy..
    All the best for the holiday season…hope you and your family is well and happy

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