Wilfred Saroni closes down school

Wilfred Saroni

Sad to hear that a businessman had to close his school due to some financial problems. You will note that I had showcased Mr. Saroni earlier on this blog and was quite proud of the fact that one of ours was doing so well.

Mr. Saroni had to shut down his school after he failed to provide the appropriate financial paperwork to the state. The request had been pending for seven months before they finally closed the Nashua Nursing School down. Fortunately two other schools have stepped in to help the students, many of whom are single mothers, complete the last 4 months of their one year course.

Kenyan Jewels hopes things turn around for the positive for Mr. Saroni.  To learn more about the situation visit this site.

12 thoughts on “Wilfred Saroni closes down school

  1. While it seems true that the guy used some hook and crook methods to achieve his success, It is also just that we give him some respect for his ‘hard work and street smartness.’ The guy came to America, exploited the opportunity and had a certain level of success that is representative of the American dream. Come on please, give the guy a break. Atleast the guy tried-most of us keep talking about how someday they will do one thing or another. Suddenly you wake up one morning and lo! you are 65years old, NEVER HAPPENED. Get rich or die trying.

  2. why do people always see the negative aspect of everything done for the better of the soceity? we should indeed stand with Mr.Saroni at this trying moment in his life. remember that before you point your finger to a person,three fingers are pointing back at you. Mr saroni will indeed rise up again admist all the afflictions that he is going through.

  3. Guys please i studied at Holden Mr.Saroni was a straight dude who was trying to help us get some education,its really unfair to discredit such a great kenyan

  4. wilfred saroni is a Kenyan of high repute,charismatic,focused and successful entrepreneur. simply because holden closed down does not mean it was a rip off

  5. Wilfred Saroni is an unscrupulous person who stole from the people who worked for him at the school. It was shut down not because of any economic downturn, but because he failed to pay the bills or follow the rules. He is a liar and a thief.

  6. Thank you for the positive comments. Kenyan Jewels is more interested in promoting the best about us, than the worst.

    Business has ups and downs so there will be times when things just end up going south for a while. A true entrepreneur understands this, gets up, and starts again. That’s just life. Saroni will come back. He has not been successful by accident. It takes a lot of work.

    Kenyan Jewels wishes him the best.

  7. My fellow Kenyans,

    Its rather saddening to see the stumble of Mr. Saroni in his business undertakings. I choose the word stumble for being an astute business afficianado, I understand downturns are relative.

    My question is: Is Saroni really down?

    Why do we foolishly rush to state that he is down without concrete information. I for one think he has just reorganized his business. Its debatable that he took more than he could chew, I have heard him say exactly that. I am just of the opinion he is disengaging gears and downsizing.

    I might be biased, I do know Saroni personally and I would say he has great insight and is a leader of high calibre, a revolutionary. He has absolutely changed the African way of thinking regarding business. We all know we can make it.

    Ask the Kenyan/Ugandans that are running a nursing school, the Kenyans/Nigerians running a UHaul enterprise, the Kenyans running store businesses, list is just endless. For us Saroni’s success is our beacon, where our dreams lie.

    Saroni, the African community salutes you!

    You have taught us lessons no school ever does. For that we are thankful.

    Scribes will rush to state that he is a con….I counter, he made his money, there was no con there!

    The community had become complacent in its association with Ole Saroni. We all wanted to be identified with success. Thats the reason those that had the occasion to party with him carried both our and Saroni’s beer when we went to his house.

    Kenyans joined the Holden school, did not keep up with their reading, thought they could deliver a case of beer to Saroni and get reinstated. Saroni stood up to them, asked them to deal with the school management hierachy and hence the bad blood.

    We Kenyans ought to know the basics of the American society, there is no shortcut and corruption if any is not blatant as taking the president of a school a case of measly beer.

    To ask a question, since the man relied on the “magnamity” of the community as others have suggested, it can only mean he has a good sum stashed somewhere. Not unless he was conned by the Kenyan politicki that trooped to his office and home? His only misgiving in my view is his association with people that are of questionable integrity/stature.

    If you look careful at the lowellsun article, they are only questioning the management aspect of the business, the business/school is above the fray. Their success on the NCLEX rivals any school in NH and MA. So its only a matter of time the management will switch with Saroni maintained as an advisor/consultant and his wife becoming the “new management”. Its business, I understand it. Then it would be only a matter of time, the jaguar and the benz will not go anywhere, this time around though….you may not get a ride as easily as before. Once bitten, twice shy they say.

    Watch this space. Ole Saroni will rise up somewhere. Ole Saroni if you happen to read this; do know that there are Kenyans and Africans in general out here that are rooting for your comeback! We know you can!

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