Angela Wanyandeh Ogbolu, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Angela Ogbolu
Angela Ogbolu is the founder of Kitu Kizuri, an elegant magazine that focuses on the voices of African women in the diaspora and around the world. This magazine addresses and highlights the struggles and triumphs that make us African women who we are today.

In an age where many African magazines tend to lack that polished finish that we find in other magazines, it is refreshing to receive the Kitu Kizuri magazine. The articles are very well written and researched, and the layout is truly a joy to behold.

Angela was recently featured on the Brian Lehrer show debating with Alex Kabba of African Abroad, debating about the merits of going back home to get a spouse. You are welcome to listen to ithere.

3 thoughts on “Angela Wanyandeh Ogbolu, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

  1. Hi Angela. Hope allz well. You are doing good things out there. You probably don’t remember me. Waz your neighbour at Mihuti. I’ve been involved in the Kenya Chapter of Africa’s Brain Gain organisation ( trying to do similar things as you. maybe we shuld hook up. otherwise G’day

  2. I listened to the interview she did and I was so glad that that type of conversation was able to leave the insular social groups and bar halls and get some wide spread discussion.
    I think the diaspora mass media should definitely make this one of the areas of common discussion…after all few things are as important as the person one chooses to marry.

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