Milele, Pasadena, California

Kaima, Christian, Harry

I normally talk about individuals, but I am compelled to show some love for this group for what they have achieved with their fame. Milele is a gospel group consisting of three guys, Kaima, Christian, and Harry, that is making waves. Based in California, they have parlayed their success into a philanthropic movement that is making a difference in Kenya.

Milele Family Homes is their first project. The aim is to unite orphaned children with adoptive parents. Newly formed families are given residential homes, located in average, safe and pleasant neighborhoods, to live in. This ensures that children who would have normally been living and struggling in the depths of poverty and isolation will be able to lead regular lives, interact with other children, and be valued and invested in as integral assets for the future.

They are garnering a large following in California and are impressive performers.  To learn more about them, visit their site.

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