Bernard Lagat going to Beijing

Bernard Lagat and James Li Practice for the 2008 Olympics

Bernard Lagat and James Li Practice for the 2008 Olympics

Bernard Lagat qualified for the 2008 Olympics in the 1500 m. Now a naturalized citizen of the U.S., he is highly favored as the one to bring home the gold for the U.S. His coach, also a naturalized citizen, was originally born and raised in China so I am sure he will be sharing the intricacies of running in the Chinese air, with Lagat. It will be interesting to see if he can pull off a win in the Olympics and bring the coveted, yet elusive 1500m gold home for the U.S. who have not seen a hint of that precious metal, in this category, in almost a century. We will be rooting for Lagat..Go Lagat! Win for Kenya….ahem…I mean…America!

2 thoughts on “Bernard Lagat going to Beijing

  1. I donot think Lagat will be able to bring any medel. He will be luky to be in the finals after all the hits. Lagat is 33 years old. at this time his time of 3.45 is not a qulifing time in Kenya. We have a 19 years old kid who had his time but was 6th best time is 3.31 Kenya has seven kid who have better times than Lagat.Then put in Ethopia, Newzeland, and UAE where other Keyans have migrated. I am for Kenyans going to find green opportunities overseas but Lagat is showing off like he is the only person running the race. He may be able to place in the 5,000 meters but even that given his age and time he has run this year in Beijing he will have little chance.We will see, but I put my money on the young and up coming Kenyans.

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