Solomon Mugera, London, United Kingdom

Solomon Mugera

Solomon Mugera

Solomon Mugera is head of the BBC Swahili language service. He is responsible for all BBC Swahili managerial and editorial direction, for its staff located in London, Burundi, DR Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda, and for the service’s website,

Solomon previously worked as a senior producer with BBC African Productions, which broadcasts programmes in English to Africa. He also presented its flagship interactive, radio and online programme Africa, Have Your Say He first joined the BBC with the Swahili service in 1998 as a producer and presenter of its news and current affairs programmes.  He helped create a youth programme called Vijana Leo (Today’s Youth) which had a mix of youth-related discussion and music.

Solomon also spent some time working with BBC News Online and BBC English for Africa programmes Focus on Africa and Network Africa. Solomon helped pioneer the launch of live, interactive debate across the continent with the programme Africa, Have Your Say which began life as Africa Live! in 2002. It gives listeners across the continent and the world the opportunity to put across their views on a range of issues on BBC radio and online and is broadcast three times a week.

Before joining the BBC, Solomon worked for three years as a television journalist with the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation and for four years with the Kenya Television Network.

Source: BBC

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