Zain Verjee asks Condeleeza Rice if Palin Can Handle Foreign Policy

Zain Verjee

Zain Verjee

Condeleeza Rice gave a measured answer to the question about whether Sarah Palin could handle a foreign policy situation. Although she didn’t come right out and say no, she did say that , “There are different kinds of experiences in life that help one to deal with matters of foreign policy.” (crickets chrirping)……….hmmmm, doesn’t that sound positively glowing? I have warm fuzzy feelings myself.

If Condeleeza Rice is not sure that Palin can lead then why are we just glowing about how great she is and how great she will be for the country? I would rather see Barack Obama and Biden in office knowing that there is one, yet untainted by government, and one, seasoned in government, who can work together to get things done using two different perspectives.

I think that we need to learn more about who the folks are who want to run our country! I still feel comfortable with Barack Obama! Go Barack! Give Us Free!!!!

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