Barack Rushes to Grandmother’s Side

Barack Obama’s week has been monumental to say the least.  It started with him being endorsed by a powerful, well-respected Republican, Colin Powell.  Colin Powell is so impressed with Barack Obama that he is willing to cross party lines to endorse him.

Colin Powell Endorsed Barack Obama

Colin Powell Endorsed Barack Obama

This seemed to be the clarion call for all the racists out there (led by Rush Limbaugh) to rush to judgement with statements about how he was endorsing Obama because they were both black, and how it was possible that Powell was already promised a spot on the Obama cabinet.  Sigh……sometimes I think we are on parallel universes, or in a twilight zone, where two people are watching the same broadcast and drawing different conclusions.  Watch for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

In the meantime, Barack Obama is dealing with a deeply emotional issue–a gravely ill grandmother in Hawaii.  This is the woman who raised him for most of his life.   Let us hope that all goes well, although, from all accounts, and the fact that he is taking time out of the campaign to be with her, it probably isn’t a good prognosis.  All our prayers are with you, Barack, as you spend time with her.  May God bless you and your family, and keep you through this difficult time.

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