Kulvinder Ghir

Kulvinder Ghir

Kulvinder Ghir, born in Nairobi, Kenya, is a British actor, comedian and writer of South Asian (Ramgarhia/Tarkhan Sikh family) ancestry, best known for his roles in Rita, Sue & Bob Too, Blood & Peaches, and the sketch show Goodness Gracious Me.

In Goodnes Gracious Me he specialised in the characters “Chunky Lafunga”, a sexy Bollywood star, superhero Bhangra Man, and one half of the “Bhangramuffins” duo (the other half being Sanjeev Bhaskar). He has also provided voices for the BBC Three show Monkey Dust.

His play Dusky Warriors premiered at the Theatre Royal Stratford East in 1995. He also contributed material to the 2001 sketch show The Real McCoy.

Ghir speaks English, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu and Swahili fluently. Before he becoming an actor, he worked as a market trader and stand up comedian. He has two children with his parter Blandine.

Source: Wikipedia

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