President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

Well it is finally official!! We have a new president…his name is Barack Obama. It has been a very long road and with a lot of community leadership skills, he commandeered a group of diverse people and started a movement.

Jesse Jackson is standing in a large crowd, crying like a baby, and I understand the tears. I stood in line with a lady today who was moved to tears, literally, as she told about watching people being pulled off the freedom buses and being bludgeoned. There were stories of not being allowed to vote, and finally get classified as a full human being.

These are recent stories…not stories from a long time ago. Racism still exists in this country, but with the election of an African-American leader with an ability to pull all races, creeds and religions together, we might just be able to move to higher ground.

This is a moment in history, and the beginning of redemption for America. We are moving towards healing; we are building a new nation that will be stronger in its journey towards a strength in unity as we work to build the America that lead the world by example.

Congratulation President Barack Obama. You have shown us that we all can!!

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