The Results Have Started Rolling In!!!!!

Election Results 2008

Election Results 2008

I am so excited. This election has been a fun one to watch and now we watch the results. Here are the projections so far: Obama wins Vermont, and McCain wins Kentucky. Virginia, with 1% of the precincts reporting, is showing McCain in the lead. We will see what happens. If you want to keep up with the polling on your own, visit this site and watch it in real time.

As of 7:21 p.m. Eastern Time, the projected results overall were as follows:

Obama with 3 electoral votes and 334,810 votes while McCain has 8 electoral votes and 382,897 votes. Stay tuned!!

U.S. President – Electoral College

Obama (D) – 3
McCain (R) – 8

270 votes needed for presidency

Candidates % Votes
McCain (R) 53% 431,246
Obama (D) 46% 374,854
Barr (I) 1% 5,141
Nader (I) 0% 2,859

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