Armajit Chandan, London, United Kingdom

Amarjit-Chandan (photo by Gurvinder Singh Shimla)

Amarjit Chandan (photo by Gurvinder Singh S)

It is official, on March the 14th 2009, Kenya will hold its first ever film and television awards. The mammoth event will celebrate and reward the best productions and movers in the industries. Designed to merge the American Oscars and Emmy’s, the elaborate, glamorous and exclusive red-carpet event will set the standard for future events.

The awards will be preceded by month-long partying and voting in February. It will also receive an intense marketing and publicity campaign between the months of December and March.

Come March 14th, all roads will lead only to the Kenyatta International Conference Center, the main venue. Executive limos, red carpets and stunning models will usher guests to the Savannah Ball room for an unforgettable evening. A custom-built, multi-level stage will feature performances from the hottest musicians, dancers, actors and comedians in the country. The organizers, Balozi Productions LTD are preparing a feast for the eyes with choreographed dances, an indoor fireworks display, laser light show and confetti sprays.

Film and television producers have been invited to submit their entries to the Kenya Film Commission before 22nd of December this year. The event’s brand name, board of trustees, trophy and other details will be unveiled at a press conference early next month.

Look out for more details on the event from this blog.

Source: Armajit Chandan

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