Mike ‘Kenya’ Giraudo – Norfolk, Virginia

Mike 'Kenya' Giraurdo
Mike ‘Kenya’ Giraurdo

Kenyan Jewels finally caught up with Mike Giraudo, known as ‘Kenya’ to his friends.  He is back from Iraq, pursuing his higher education and was kind enough to share a little bit about his life and experience with us.

Kenyan Jewels: What was it that inspired you to sign up for the army?

The main thing that inspired me to join the us army was what was happening in the world and in kenya with scum terrorists.
Kenyan Jewels: Were there any issues with you having been born in Kenya?

There were a few but the main thing is trying to get info from the us army in Kenya I ended up having to have someone in the embassy bring me all the info I needed which was still not enough.

Kenyan Jewels: Tell us a little about the experience in Iraq.  Was your perspective a little different having been raised in Kenya?

I think so, but it was still very different–the culture wasn’t such a shock to me and I could connect with Iraqi people fairly easily. Iraq was an unforgettable experience which I hope I don’t have to go through again.

Kenyan Jewels: Do you still visit Kenya?  If so, what are some of your favorite things to do?

I have not been back to Kenya since 2005 but, whenever I go back I need 4 things only..nyama choma [roast meat], Tusker, good people, and a place to sit..well maybe 5, and a dirt bike.

Kenyan Jewels: Any plans to go back to Kenya and maybe settle there?

I would like to, in the future, but Kenya is not somewhere I want to be now.
I also like not having to rely on ultimate security to come to my aid at 4 am, have my own personal weapon and no bars on my windows.But if someone wants to try……

Kenyan Jewels: What are your plans going forward?  More work in the army until your 20 years are complete or a different career altogether?

No. No more army for me. Now I am training to be a Norfolk police officer. It seems like something I can really enjoy and use my world experience for.
Thank you for sharing with Kenyan Jewels, and we wish you the best!!

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