Barack Obama A Marvel Comic Character?

Obama  and Spider-Man

The cover of The Amazing Spider-Man featuring President-elect Barack Obama. (AP)

As a child Barack Obama collected Marvel Comics.  His favorite character was Spiderman, so Marvel Comics has decided to provide a commemorative comic book that has Spiderman saving Barak Obama, and the day.

The plot is that someone who looks like Barack Obama takes his place, and Spiderman has to figure out who the real Barack Obama is.  How does he do this?  By challenging the identical men to a basketball game.   The real Obama thanks Parker with a fist-bump. Wonder if they will draw him with a six-pack (Barack Obama, that is).  Although other presidents have had roles in Marvel Comics, Barack Obama is the first one to have a starring role.

The comics will sell for $3.99 and they are expected to sell out.

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