President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle

Who would have thought that an African man, born in America would lead people back to family values.  The children are adorable and well behaved, and that first dance at the inaugural ball might as well have been the first dance you have as man and wife.  It was romantic, it was special, it was cute, and it is making people decide to have romantic marriages (great job Obama!).  They danced to my favorite song by Beyonce (one of the few real talents out there)  and brought me to tears (hopeless romantic that I am).

So we can now safely say that, not only is he an economic stimulus package wherever he goes, but he is inspiring people to believe that it is okay to love your wife (a radical thought), and take care of your family (another radical thought).  God bless him as he goes through four years of trying to put together a nation healing from the effects of war, greed, corruption and a blatant disregard for the middle and underprivileged classes.  It will take a while to undo the damage, but we are already feeling better (it’s like a mother kissing a wound….it doesn’t do your wound any good, but you sure feel better).  Congratulations President Barack Hussein Obama!

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