Njoki Nathani Wane, Toronto, Canada

Dr. Njoki Wane with her husband and daughter

Dr. Njoki Wane with her husband and daughter

Dr. Njoki Nathani Wane, a professor at University of Toronto is the winner of the prestigious Harry Jerome Award given to African Canadians for excelling in various fields. She was also Njoki nominated and awarded the 2008 Black Business and Professional Association award for Professional Excellence in April  2008 for advocating for change within African-Canadian community.

A Director for the  Centre for Integrative Anti-Racist Research Studies (CIARS) and an associate professor at the University of Toronto, she is a tireless advocate for African Canadians, and a champion for women’s rights, in particular.

Well published, she has also come up with Africa At a Glance, an online resource for people who want to learn more about Kenya.  To learn more about her, visit her professional page, and this article in The Standard newspaper.

2 thoughts on “Njoki Nathani Wane, Toronto, Canada

  1. Hi Dr Njoki,

    This Alieu from Gambia and former Student at Oakvile and Paul Gibba’s friend. My reragds to Amadou and Faulata

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