Peres Owino, Los Angeles, California

Peres Owino is an Assistant to the Executive Vice President of  Creative Advertising at Paramount Pictures.  She has written a play called Beauty From Ashes which is scheduled to be part of the Black Medley Film Series on April 25,2009 at Stage 52 in Los Angeles, California.

Beauty for Ashes Flyer

Beauty for Ashes Flyer

The story is about a Kenyan woman who takes a journey to herself–a witty and honest look at how the ghosts of our past terrorize us and how that little voice in our head may be our only source of refuge.

Be warned that there is brief nudity so you might not want to take the kids.

Owino has a long resume filled with several productions that she has either directed or acted in.  Her dedication to her art is making her a force to be reckoned with on the Los Angeles theater scene.

3 thoughts on “Peres Owino, Los Angeles, California

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  3. HI, peres
    God bless you so much for all that you are doing over there its good and encouraging.
    Kevin from kenya

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