Swahili Village Bar and Restaurant – Beltsville, Maryland

Swahili Village Bar and Restaurant

Swahili Village Bar and Restaurant

There is a new restaurant in the Washington DC area that is satisfying the masses’ cravings for Kenyan fare.

Swahili Village Restaurant opened its doors and has been doing a thriving business. Particularly popular are the Tusker beers, the samosas, and the fish (that fish is REALLY good). People have been lining up to eat at the restaurant. For those who want to take some home, there is a great carry-out menu.

I was pleasantly surprised to see my favorite junk food on the menu -Bhajias.  Not only were they well done, but they were as tasty as I remembered them.  The seasoning was wonderful.  The decor is tasteful and the staff friendly.  If you are ever in the Washington DC area, pay them a visit at 10606 Baltimore, Avenue,  Beltsville, Maryland 20705.  To make reservations or make inquiries, call 240-965-7651.  You can join their Facebook page too.

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5 thoughts on “Swahili Village Bar and Restaurant – Beltsville, Maryland

  1. first time writing a review so here we go….. i dicided to take my american friends for an east african night out and thought swahili would be the best place to go after safari was closed about a year ago. That ended up being the worst decision ever. the service was the worst to say the least . had to wait for a FULL 3O MINUTES before the waiter(the only one mind you on a busy friday night) could even come to say hi. after the food was served, the mbuzi mchuzi was over cooked and the kuku choma that i had was dry and not as spicy as advertised. then the LOUD MUSIC came along. Can somebody tell them to reduce the volume before 11.30pm please!!!. for christs sake we cant even have a conversation. We seriously need some kenyans to come up with another kenyan joint for competition since this folkes seems to take it for granted. i even witnessed the owner (Kevin) give the table belonging to a patron to other patrons when he left to go to the bathroom in full PROTEST OF HIS FRIEND. hopefully you will think twice before going to this place

  2. Me and my wife recently ate at this restaurant and was pretty impressed. The service was excellent and the waiter was nice. The skuma wiki wasnt that good but it wasnt the worst. My wife had pilau with stew and the pilau was very very good. We also had samosas and sausages which was the best samosas I have had to date and the sausages were up there. Overall it is a good restaurant and enviroment. My wife is Kenyan and I love being around the people and know a thing or two about the dishes. This is a pretty good place!!!

  3. On 08/15/10, Joshua wrote that the service at Swahili Village is lousy and the waiters are rude. I find it hard to believe because I spend a lot of time there. Yes, the place can be a challenge to find, especially if you are new to the area. This is a hole in the wall if ever there was one. What I do know is that the staff is great, and the food is fantastic. The turn around time on the food orders is quite fast. I had nyama choma, chapati and greens within 7 minutes of ordering. The place may be busy at times but hey, its a popular place. Did you know that the owner hosted people every night for free food for A WHOLE MONTH before the place opened? Lets see your neighborhood popeye’s do that (with all due respect to popeye’s)
    To those who have had a negative experience, these things happen even at the best of establishments.Give the place another opportunity to serve you some good Kenyan food. Wash it down with a cold Tusker like I did. This place is not as bad as you made it sound. The owner is a friendly, enterprising person who recently won an award for entrepreneurship.
    I think Swahili Village is more of a hero rather than a villain. Lets support it.

  4. hi there,
    The title should be changed to ‘what used to be recommended’. This place is a joke. Its a tiny joint by a major traffic light..good luck in even finding it on that busy beltsville rd. The service is lousy…I was there when the server was overwhelmed and being rude to guests who got tired of waiting. Then when we got the tea, it was actually cold!!To be fair the 1st time i went the 2 russian waiters were ok, but afterward that lady waiter with an attitude is a put-off. Dont waste your time or money unless you want to feel like a loser and throw away cash for measley service and a fake impression of ‘kenyanness’

  5. I went to Swahili village after a friend recommended it. The place is so clean one can eat off the floor. the food was delicious. The management and staff are very friendly. You’ve got to try it.
    Oh forgot, they have to go food for parties..like pilau and all.

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