Alando’s Kitchen – Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

This place has created quite the buzz.  Located in the relatively sleepy town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, they have managed to garner a loyal following.

Alando’s Kitchen offers great food and there have been some rave reviews of the sukuma wiki and the African peanut soup.  Located in Quakertown in the Q-Mart, it rounds out the ethnic food offerings in the shopping center.

Alando's Kitchen

Alando's Kitchen

They are currently open and also offer homemade Achari sauce and homemade Pili Pili Sauce. Their catering and event planning offerings include regular catering, personal chef services, and carryout/home delivery. Smart business moves on their part.

The owner, Anyango, went and got an MBA and has obviously benefitted from the education. To learn more about this restaurant, visit their website.  If you are in the vicinity, visit them for a great homecooked meal and let your mind wander to your grandmother’s house.

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