Jupiter Road Cafe – Garland, Texas

Jupiter Road Cafe in Garland, Texas offers great Kenyan fare including chapati, mandazi, chai, ugali, goat, chicken, and beef dishes.


The food is cooked fresh for you so expect a little bit of a delay.  The service is very friendly so the wait is punctuated by pleasant conversation and a great cup of authentic chai (tea).  Once you have had this tea you won’t be able to drink the pre-mixed chai they sell in stores.  There’s just no comparison.

They also offer catering services, sell Unga (white corn flour from Kenya), and fried tilapia.  According to several patrons, the stewed tilapia is an absolute must-try.  Carry-out among Kenyan patrons is very high, especially for the chapatis (they come in white and wheat).

You can join their Facebook page or visit their website for more information about their hours and prices. They are located at 2218 S. Jupiter Road, Suite 101-A, Garland, Texas.

One thought on “Jupiter Road Cafe – Garland, Texas

  1. Lovely! Surprising too. have been thinking that something needs to change apart from those marathon performances!
    Hope the ugali is one of those marathon ones you know…Takes three men to prepare:)
    My advice to anyone checking in there…Ugali; Tilapia and if you can get a hold of this freshly done kale (sukuma wiki); Its yummy.
    Hey are the fish whole done? So you got to do what can be termed “discrimineating,” meat remains in mouth…bones clutter on the side plate…

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