Hazel Gachoka – San Francisco, California

Hazel Gachoka is currently the Services Marketing Manager at Cisco Systems responsible for building service strategy, definition, development, implementation, management and metrics for services across the network lifecycle for new advanced services at CISCO.

Hazel Gachoka

Ms Gachoka is also the TAN Membership Director and along with her business partners have recently launched a renewable energy company in Africa called PRCK Energy Ltd.  Prior to joining Cisco, Ms Gachoka worked as a Network Engineer at MCI Worldcom and, as a Software Developer/Programmer at Liz Claiborne.

She possesses a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Jersey City University and a Master of Science in Telecommunication Management from Steven’s Institute of Technology. Ms. Gachoka has received the highest CISCO certification and was responsible for all the IT aspects of the Oprah Winfrey Girls Leadership Academy in South Africa.  She also worked on the NEPAD (New Partnership for Africa’s Development) E-schools project.

Source: AkiliDada

2 thoughts on “Hazel Gachoka – San Francisco, California

  1. Or perhaps she is just afraid of living in the world with other humans, engaging in family and issues that challenge the human soul. Education and career are passionate dreams that end up in talk.

  2. Awesome! the outliers of Kenya are up there and it just silently spells “let the sleeping dogs lie” We have three kinds of people in Kenya. The ones who believe nothing good can come out of Kenya and are by default stagnant and stuck all their life. The ones who move beyond the belief and are doing wonders, and the ones who don’t even know where they stand talk less of pursuing a dream. People should begin training their kids not to pursue their dreams because of the money but because of the passion attached to the dream. I believe passion for her dream is what got Hazel up there.

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