George Maragia – Whitehall, Pennsylvania

George Maragia is the epitome of a Kenyan entrepreneur.  He got his Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from Rutgers University and then went on to work with Pfizer.

George Maragia (Photo: Ng'anga Muchiri)

Unable to quell his independent spirit, he started a used car dealership, but the business was not lucrative enough. He left it and went on to create a limousine company, occasionally driving the vehicles himself. Due to a serious reduction in demand after the events of 9/11, he decided to invest in a recession-proof business.  The answer was medical transport services.  In 2006 he started Whitehall Medical Transport Services with his partner, Mark Chore.

Whitehall Medical Transport Services provides ambulance, wheelchair and stretcher transportation to residents of Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley.  The staff on the transport fleets are emergency medical technicians and other medically trained associates.  Whitehall is the only Black-owned ambulance service company, not only in the Lehigh Valley, but also in Pennsylvania.

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