Lisa Kathumbi-Culbreath – Columbus, Ohio

Lisa Kathumbi-Culbreath personifies the very nature of a Kenyan Jewel. In an article posted by the University of Cincinnati in 2001, they highlighted her various achievements. As the winner of the C-ring -the university’s top award to a graduating female, she was selected on the basis of scholarship, campus leadership, service to the Cincinnati community, advocacy for women and personal development.


A practicing lawyer since 2006, Kathumbi is currently the Senior Legal Counsel at the Ohio Department of Health.  When not busy with her work there, she serves on the john Mercer Legal Bar Association’s Executive Board as the Parliamentarian and Community Activism Chair.

In 2007 she was the national winner of the 2007 National Urban League Young Professional-Heineken USA Rising Star Award at the League’s convention in St. Louis, on Friday, July 26, 2007. She has worked for women’s advocacy organizations in Chicago, Washington, D.C. and Botswana and continues to make a difference in the community that she is in.

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